Brand Manager Monitoring Solutions - Reputation Monitoring

Our services are customized to meet your unique needs

  • Keep tabs on the competition
  • Discover unauthorized retailers
  • Discover abuse of your brand mark by affiliates or counterfeiters
  • Set schedule and time of day to monitor
  • Monitor Google Adwords in up to 140 countries
  • Monitor Yahoo, Bing, Baidu (China), Yandex (Russia), and Naver (South Korea)
  • Monitor social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Delicious, and more
  • Monitor blog platforms such as Wordpress, Blogspot and Tumblr
  • Monitor video-sharing portals such as YouTube
  • Monitor product Listing and auction sites such as eBay, Craig’s List and Alibaba

As your company's brand manager, you are entrusted with the keys to your brand.

This could mean that you are responsible for the company's social media initiatives, paid advertising channels, and general brand reputation management. If you are a manufacturer or distributor, you may also be tasked with the responsibility of keeping your authorized resellers in compliance and keeping your goods off grey and black markets.

Our reputation monitoring and compliance solutions are designed to help you manage and monitor these channels effectively. Pinpointing unauthorized websites, illegal storefronts or auctions and unauthorized product marketing techniques is our job. This gives you more time to take action, shutdown unauthorized marketing efforts and create a trusted image for your brand and products.

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